Jett Rocket is a platformer video game published by Shin'en for Nintendo Wii, release date to be announced later.

The game explores the beautiful planet of Yoroppa and find out why it has been attacked by the evil Power Plant Posse. Ride the ocean on your Jet Boat, parachute from giant cliffs, and speed through arctic regions on your Jet Snowboard or skyrocket with your Jet Pack. Just be Jett Rocket in this epic futuristic full 3D Action-Adventure!

Jett Rocket game features:

Jett Rocket supports 4:3 and 16:9 screen modes, PAL (576i), NTSC (480i) and EDTV/HDTV (480p) and runs in super-smooth 60 frames/sec.

Planet Yoroppa: Atoll -- Travel across lush tropical islands and take a swim in the blue ocean.

Jett Rocket game video

Jett Rocket, screen, image, game, screenshot Planet Yoroppa: Northpole -- Speed over glaciers with your rocket powered snowboard, hop over sheets of ice.

Planet Yoroppa: Swamps -- Beware of the toxic swamps. Explore ancient ruins and climb giant redwoods.

Huge Bosses -- Intense battles at the end of each world. Can you defeat them all?

Paraglider -- Jump off high cliffs to glide across the level and reach secret spots.

Snowboard -- Plow through the snow and jump over ramps with rocket powered snowboards.
Jet Boat -- Race with your high-speed jet boat. Try not to hit any mines.


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