Hinterland - A New Kingdom is a strategy video game for PC, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment and published by The Games Company. In the game, player faces the challenge of building and developing his village and hiring and feeding new workers, farmers and soldiers – in short, he is in charge of all aspects of running a prospering settlement. But that's not all: he also needs to assemble a party of heroes to face a variety of monsters, orcs, villains and other enemies threatening his village. Vanquishing these enemies in classical RPG style battles offers rewards like gold, items and experience to develop heroes and his prospering hamlet.

Hinterland,  A New Kingdom, game, screen, image, screenshots Hinterland - A New Kingdom game features:

Fantasy role-playing and character development

Party-based tactical combat, including item use

Base building, including building upgrades

Innovative combat stat leveling system

Random world generation for maximum replay

Folklore / fantasy setting

Intimate scale


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