City Builder is a puzzle action video game for Nintendo Wii, set to be released in April 2010. The game is developed by Collision Studios and published by Virtual Play Games. The game combines two classic game mechanics in a fun, bouncy game where players stack water pipes, roads and power lines to form ever-growing cities across the planet's four continents. The game offers a fresh take on classic pipe puzzle games by expanding the gameplay to three overlapping levels: road, underground (water mains) and sky (power lines). Connect resource pieces together to claim land while racing against the clock and overcoming madcap and hilarious obstacles. Solve each resource puzzle and watch each city grow in wacky and unique ways!

City Builder game video:

City Builder, game, wii, box, art, screen City Builder game features:

100 Levels of Challenge

Over 20 Hours of Gameplay

Clear Rocky Obstacles with TNT

Outsmart Pesky Underground Moles

Multiple Boss Levels

Multiple Stacking Level Strategies


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