Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is an action video game for Xbox 360 and Sony PS3, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by MercurySteam and published by Konami.

The game featuring 50 levels with combat, platforming and puzzle elements. The combat will utilize a retractable pyrokinetic chain whip called "The Combat Cross". The commands consist of short range and long range attacks, and interactions with other items in the player's inventory such as knives, stakes, holy water and other potential environmental weapons, which includes a fragile wooden hammer. The whip is upgradeable and is not only used for combat, but also for exploration purposes like scaling walls and swinging across gaps. The player will also to be able to find items that can increase health or boost abilities. The developers have tried to reach out to new audiences by distancing this game from previous Castlevania games, but have kept some elements intact as to not alienate current fans. For example, vampires and werewolves are recurring enemies in the game, but other existing enemies include trolls, giant spiders and goblin-like creatures.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow game video

Castlevania, Lords of Shadow,xbox, game, screen, image The in-game enemies can be defeated for experience points, which can be used to purchase combos or to augment the player's abilities further. Lords of Shadow will have large scale, fully interactive bosses reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, which includes the large ice titan shown in the trailers. When the player defeats them, they will receive items known as relics, which can assist them with other challenges in the game. There will also be Light and Dark spells, which are aimed at defense and aggression, respectively.

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