The Cages: Pro Style Batting Practice is a sports (baseball) video game for Nintendo Wii, set to be released in Q2 2010. The game is published by Konami. In the game, players take on this true to life baseball hitting game by actively swinging at pitches with their Wii Remote from a pitching machine that spits out various pitches such as sliders, 12-6 curves and fast balls, all simulated from real life pitchers. The Cages Pro-Style Batting Practice is also compatible with Wii Motion Plus giving players an even more realistic experience!

Customize your experience by editing your batters and pitchers to give them real-world physics including left vs. right hand, stance, height, weight and more. A natural learning curve allows players to develop their skills and take on up to four other players for an in-game homerun challenge! Behind all of this fun is a fitness element that tracks your cardiovascular progress by reporting on calories burned while players are obtaining their hitting goals. In addition, the use of the Wii's motion controller helps players develop their hand/eye coordination skills.

The Cages: Pro Style Batting Practice game video

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