Here is the complete track list for The Wombatsupcoming second studio album “This Modern Glitch”, set for release in the UK on April 25, 2011 via 14th Floor Records. The following songs were released from the album:

1. "Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)" on September 24, 2010
2. "Jump Into the Fog" on January 24, 2011
3. "Anti-D” on April 11, 2011

Complete track list:

1. "Our Perfect Disease"

2. "Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)"

3. "Jump Into the Fog"

4. "Anti-D"

Wombats, This Modern Glitch, cd, audio, tracklist, new, album 5. "Last Night I Dreamt"

6. "Techno Fan"

7. "1996"

8. "Walking Disasters"

9. "Girls/Fast Cars"

10. "Schumacher the Champagne"

Live The Wombats "Our Perfect Disease"

Live The Wombats "Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)"

Live The Wombats "Jump Into the Fog"

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