Here is the complete track list (songs) for Charles Hamilton’s upcoming debut album My Heart, release date to be announced later. Hamilton released the first single from the album called "Gauchos" in May 2010 and in November 2010, in honor of Charles Hamilton's Birth date, The Single "All Alone" was released on Charles Hamilton's Facebook Fan Page.

Complete track listing:

1. "All Alone"

2. "Marketing"

3. "Sega Music"

4. "Gauchos"

5. "Make Me Beautiful"

6. "Let Me Live"

7. "After Tonight..."

8. "Speak No Louder"

9. "Hyperspeed"

10. "Shining Shadows"

12. "When I Rap"

13. "Paperboy"

Charles Hamilton - "All Alone"

Charles Hamilton - Sega Music

Charles Hamilton - Gauchos


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