Here is the complete track listing for Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s upcoming compilation album “TELESTERION” released on April 19, 2011 via Rodriguez Lopez Productions. The album will be a 2 CD, 4 LP released, featuring tracks throughout all of Omar's records. It will serve as an introduction to Omar's vast collection of solo releases.

Complete track listing:

Side 1A

1. "Locomocion Capillar"
2. "Population Council’s Wet Dream"
3. "Amanita Virosa"
4. "Coma Pony"

Side 1B

5. "El Monte T’ai"
6. "Sex, Consolation for Misery"
7. "Deus Ex Machina"
8. "Rapid Fire Tollbooth"
9. "Un Buitre Amable Me Pico"

Omar, Telesterion, track, list, new, album, cd, audio, cover Side 2A

10. "Half Kleptos"
11. "No Hay Mas Respuestas"
12. "Solenoid Mosque"
13. "Melting Chariots"
14. "Dead Hisses to Match Our Own"
15. "How to Bill the Bilderberg Group"

Side 2B
16. "Polaridad"
17. "La Tirania De La Tradicion"
18. "An Ancient Shrewdness in the Veins"
19. "Noir"
20. "Calibration" (Start of disc 2 on CD)

Side 3A

21. "Viernes"
22. "Spookrijden Op Het Fietspad"
23. "Boiling Death Request a Body to Rest Its Head On"
24. "Victimas Del Cielo"

Side 3B

25. "Las Flores Con Limon"
26. "At the Push of a Button"
27. "Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erogenos"
28. "The Power of Myth"

Side 4A

29. "El Todo"
30. "The Palpitations Form a Limit"
31. "Agua Dulce De Pulpo"
32. "Poincare"
33. "Shake is for 8th Graders"
34. "Atrotecism Fenleon"

Side 4B

35. "Cásate Colmillo"
36. "Los Tres "Yo's"" (This track exclusive to the vinyl)
37. "Desarraigo"
38. "Lunes"

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