First look at upcoming action fantasy filmCROSS”, release date to be announced later. The film is written and directed by Patrick Durham and stars Brian Austin Green as Callan, Patrick Durham as War, Michael Clarke Duncan as Erlik, John Sachar as Shark Tom Sizemore as Det. Nitti, Vinnie Jones as Gunnar, Danny Trejo as Lexavier, William Zabka as Saw, Robert Carradine as Greek, Lori Heuring as Lucia, Tim Abell as Riot, Jake Busey as Backfire, Gianni Capaldi as English, C. Thomas Howell as Jake, Susie Abromeit as Sunshine, Roman Mitichyan as Ara, Tanner Wiley as the Deviant, Andre Gordon as Ranger and Branden Cook as Slag.

Movie synopsis: Given incredible power by an ancient Celtic Cross, Callan (Brian Austin Green) along with the help of (Tim Abell), (Jake Busey), (Patrick Durham), (Lori Heuring) and (Jonathan Sachar) fight evil joined by a team of weapons experts led by Riot (Tim Abell) and War (Patrick Durham). Callan battles an unstoppable evil empire in the city of Los Angeles. This empire is led by (Michael Clarke Duncan). When an ancient Viking, (Vinnie Jones) comes to town in search of blood, Callan must stop him before he destroys the world. (Michael Clarke Duncan) and his men (Billy Zabka), (Gianni Capaldi) and (Branden Cook) aided by the evil Doctor (Robert Carradine) aim to defeat Callan. Detective Nitti (Tom Sizemore) plans to get to find Callan and his team before they do his job for him.


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