Here is the full song track listing for Halcyon Digest's third studio album “Deerhunter”, set for release on September 28, 2010 via 4AD Records. Mixing and production were handled by Ben Allen and was recorded at Chase Park Transduction studios in Athens, Georgia. The last track titled "He Would Have Laughed" was recorded separately by Bradford Cox at Notown Sound in Marietta, GA and is a tribute to the late Jay Reatard.

Deerhunter complete tracklisting:

1. "Earthquake"

2. "Don't Cry"

3. "Revival"

4. "Sailing"

Halcyon Digest, Deerhunter, audio, cd, box, art 5. "Memory Boy"

6. "Desire Lines"

7. "Basement Scene"

8. "Helicopter"

9. "Fountain Stairs"

10. "Coronado"

11. "He Would Have Laughed"

Audio - Halcyon Digest "Revival"

Live - Halcyon Digest "Helicopter"

Live Deerhunter - "Fountain Stairs"

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