Here is the full sound track listing (set list) for Accept’s twelfth studio albumBlood of the Nations”, set for release in EU on August 20, 2010 and in the USA on September 14, 2010. The new album is to be the band's first studio recording in 14 years (since 1996's Predator) and the first album to feature Mark Tornillo.

Complete tracklisting:

1."Beat The Bastards"

2."Teutonic Terror"

3."The Abyss"

Accept, Blood of the Nations, cd, new, album 4."Blood Of The Nations"

5."Shades Of Death"

6."Locked And Loaded"

7."Kill The Pain"

8."Rollin Thunder"


10."New World Comin"

11."No Shelter"

12."Bucketful Of Hate"

Music Video - Blood of the Nations "Teutonic Terror"

Trailer Accept - Blood of the Nations

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