Notable movie releases this weekend, in theaters today: Barry Munday, Case 39, Chain Letter, Douchebag, Leaving, Let Me In, The Social Network...

The Social Network

The Social Network, movie, posterThe Social Network is a comedy film, screenplay is written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher, and stars Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker, Brenda Song as Priscilla Chan and Denise Grayson as Gretchen. For more information, please visit: The Social Network (2010) Movie Poster and Trailer

Let Me In

Let Me In is horror film based on the book “Let the Right One In” by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Let Me In is written (screenplay) and directed by Matt Reeves, and stars Kodi Smit-McPhee as Owen, Chloë Moretz as Abby and Richard Jenkins as Abby's guardian. For more information, please visit: Let Me In (2010) Movie Poster, Trailer and Synopsis


Leaving, movie, poster Leaving (Partir) is a French drama film directed and the screenplay is written by Catherine Corsini and stars Kristin Scott Thomas as Suzanne, Sergi López as Ivan, Yvan Attal as Samuel, Bernard Blancan as Rémi, Anne Marlange, Alexandre Vidal as David and Daisy Broom as Marion. For more information, please visit: Leaving (Partir) - Catherine Corsini


Douchebag, movie, poster Douchebag is a comedy film, set for release in the US on October 01, 2010. The film is directed by Drake Doremus and stars Andrew Dickler, Ben York Jones, Marguerite Moreau, Nicole Vicius, Amy Ferguson, Wendi McLendon-Covey, David Cuddy, Charlotte Derby, Leslie Dawn Forsyth, Biambu Garrett, Sahara Hite and Joseph A. Lamantia.

Chain Letter

Chain Letter, movie, poster Here is the new domestic trailer for the upcoming horror filmChain Letter”, set for release on October 08, 2010. The screenplay is written by Diana Erwin / Michael J. Pagan / Deon Taylor and directed by Deon Taylor, and stars: Nikki Reed as Jessie Campbell, Keith David as Det. Jim Crenshaw, Brad Dourif as Mr. Smirker, Ling Bai as Jai Pham and Betsy Russell as Sergeant Hamill. For more information, please visit Chain Letter (2010) Movie Poster, Trailer and Synopsis

Case 39

Case 39 is a horror film written by Ray Wright and directed by Christian Alvart, and stars: Renée Zellweger, Jodelle Ferland, Ian McShane, Bradley Cooper, Callum Keith Rennie, Adrian Lester, Kerry O'Malley, Cynthia Stevenson, Alexander Conti, Philip Cabrita and Vanesa Tomasino. For more information, please visit: Case 39 New Movie Poster Trailer and Synopsis

Barry Munday

Barry Munday, movie, poster Barry Munday” is a comedy film, screenplay is written and directed by Chris D'Arienzo based on the book by Frank Turner Hollon, and stars: Mae Whitman, Patrick Wilson, Colin Hanks, Judy Greer, Malcolm McDowell, Emily Procter and Cybill Shepherd. For more information, please visit: Barry Munday (2010) Movie Trailer Posters and Synopsis


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