Chain Letter is a horror film, set for release on October 08, 2010. The screenplay is written by Diana Erwin / Michael J. Pagan / Deon Taylor and directed by Deon Taylor, and stars: Nikki Reed as Jessie Campbell, Keith David as Det. Jim Crenshaw, Brad Dourif as Mr. Smirker, Ling Bai as Jai Pham, Betsy Russell as Sergeant Hamill, Matt Cohen as Johnny Jones, Noah Segan as Dante, Brian Tee as Brian Yee, Clifton Powell as Coach, Cherilyn Wilson as Rachael Conners, Michael Bailey Smith as Chain man, Cody Kasch as Neil Conners, Michael J. Pagan as Michael Grant, Patrick St. Esprit as Dean Jones and Terrence Evans as Mr. Bradford.

Chain Letter movie synopsis: Shot on location in Sacramento and El Dorado counties in California, CHAIN LETTER tells the story of a group of high school friends who receive the same chain letter that includes the warning: “Break the chain and you die.” At first, it’s just creepy, and most of them ignore it until two of the friends, Johnny (Cohen) and Dante (Segan)—the ones who failed to forward the chain letter—die gruesome deaths. Studious Jessie Campbell (Reed) comes to believe there must be a link between the chain letter and the murders, and soon the race is on to figure out how the killer is tracking them. They turn to their parents and the police for help, but no one believes Jessie’s theory until detective Jim Crenshaw (David) finds that he too is being hunted by horror’s newest monster: the Chain Man. Can they put a stop to his killing spree—or is continuing the chain the only way to survive?

Chain Letter movie trailer

Chain Letter, movie, poster


  1. hey you. Says,

    i saw a better trailer for this where they actually show the guy being dragged by the two cars and they both go separate ways...made me cringe when i actually watched it.

  2. MaMaStarZ Says,

    According to the @ChainLetterFilm twitter account, Chain Letter releases October 8!

  3. Thanks for the update! MaMaStarZ

  4. hey you. Says,

    what?!?! the date moved again? aww man!

  5. MaMaStarZ Says,

    I know. I know. Like I want to see it already.

  6. Anonymous Says,

    Great film. Grabbing the DVD on Jan 18th for sure. Every fan of horror should, too.

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