Here is the complete track listing for Rogue Traders’s fourth studio albumNight of the Living Drums”, set for release via Columbia Records. The album has so far yielded three singles: "Love Is a War", "Would You Raise Your Hands?" and "Hearts Beat as One".

Complete tracklisting:


2."Would You Raise Your Hands?" (Jamie Appleby, Melinda Appleby)

3."Forever Love Have Vision"

4."If You Wanna Taste It"

5."Ease Your Mind"

6."Don't Think I Love You"

Rogue Traders, Night of the Living Drums, cd, audio, new, album 7."Skyline"

8."Like It Ends Tonight"

9."Love is a War" (Appleby, Appleby, Melinda Jackson, Elliot Gleave)

10."So Alive"

11."So Lonely"

12."Sign Language"


14."Girl In Gold"

15."Hearts Beat as One" (Appleby, Appleby, Jackson & Tim Henwood)

Live Rogue Traders "Love Is a War"

Live Rogue Traders "Rogue Traders"

Live Rogue Traders "Hearts Beat as One"

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