Here is the full song track listing (set list) for the Secondhand Serenade's third studio album Hear Me Now”, set for release on August 3, 2010 via Glassnote Records. On June 1, "Something More" was released onto iTunes as a deluxe single with a bonus b-side, "You Are A Drug", a video showing the making of "Something More", and a digital booklet to the new single.

Complete track listing:

1. "Distance"

2. "Something More"

3. "Stay Away"

4. "You & I"

5. "Is There Anybody Out There?"

Hear Me Now, Secondhand Serenade, cd, box, art, audio 6. "Reach For The Sky"

7. "Only Hope"

8. "So Long"

9. "World Turns"

10. "Nightmares"

11. "Hear Me Now" ( featuring Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter)

12. "Run for Cover" (Bonus Track available with pre-order of album on iTunes)

Other tracks

13. "You Are A Drug"

Audio Secondhand Serenade - "Distance"

Audio Secondhand Serenade - "Something More"

Live Music Video - Secondhand Serenade "You Are A Drug"

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