Just Dance Kids is a music video game for Nintendo Wii, set for release in November 2010. The game includes a variety of kid-friendly songs with over 40 fun dances created by professional choreographers and led by real kids.

"Kids will instantly recognize the hit tunes featured in Just Dance Kids and enjoy learning fun choreography designed with them in mind," said Adam Novickas, U.S. director of marketing at Ubisoft. "Just Dance Kids is a great way for the family to interact together and learn new dance routines, in addition to providing a great form of exercise - as players will be moving and grooving to the entertaining dance moves."

The game will appeal to kids of all ages with popular hits like "Holiday," "Naturally," and "One Time."

Just Dance Kids. wii, box, art, game, music Just Dance Kids game features:

Over 40 fun dances created by choreographers and led by kids!

Featuring some of the biggest pop and hip hop hits re-recorded by kids, including “One Time,” “Naturally,” “Holiday,” “Surfin’ USA” and many more!

Younger kids will love dancing to their favorite TV shows and television personalities, including The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba!

Plus classic kids songs for even the youngest at home: “Wheels on the Bus,” “The Alphabet Song,” and more!

Pick-up-and-play game mechanics make it easy for kids of all ages to participate! All you need is the Wii Remote™ to play!

Dance Party Mode: Songs play continuously without needing to return to the menu selection.

Freeze and Shake Mode: Shaking the Wii Remote or freezing for extra points.

Team Play: Lets kids dance together for a team score.

Progression tracking allows parents to log calories burnt, time played, and a playlist of their child’s favorite songs.

Just Dance Kids is exercise in disguise, providing kids with a healthy workout, while having fun right at home.

Track List

Younger Kid Favorites

Alphabet Song

Wheels on The Bus

Hamster Dance Song

Happy Birthday To You

Hot Potato – The Wiggles

Monkey Dance – The Wiggles

Party in My Tummy – Yo Gabba Gabba

I Like To Dance – Yo Gabba Gabba

Get The Sillies Out – Yo Gabba Gabba

And Many More!

Older Kid Favorites

One Time


All Star


Here We Go Again

Who Let The Dogs Out


Shake It

And Many More!

Hits for the Whole Family


Jungle Boogie

Kids in America

Kung Fu Fighting

Surfin’ U.S.A.



Hot, Hot, Hot


And Many More!

Just Dance Kids - Its A Beautiful World

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  1. Yatta Says,

    I loved Just Dance 1, cant wait to get Just Dance 2, but would die for a Just Dance Hip hop. I would love to have a just dance party

  2. wowowowowoowoowwowowowowowww i want just dance 1 & 2 MORE cuz i aint no kid

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