Here is the full song track listing for Jeff "JJ Star”'s third albumHow Embarrassing”, set for release on September 26, 2010 via Pop Roxx Records. The new album will feature an appearance by Lady Gaga. The album will also include new stand up, skits, and exclusive songs. A limited edition will be released with bonus Blu-ray.

Complete tracklisting:

1. Going Nowhere (Nubomb)

2. Radio Gaga (Featuring Lady Gaga)

3. JJ Vs Jeffree Star (Featuring Jeffree Star)

4. Not In Comedy To Tell Jokes

5. One Of Those Shows (Featuring Gabriel Iglesias)

6. Hollywood Jarvis (Featuring Eddie Jarvis, TK)

7. Str8 A'z

Jeff JJ Star Duran, How Embarrassing, cd, cover, box, art8. Old Enuff To F**K Eggs

9. Finessing Nostalgia (Featuring Pauly Shore)

10. More Blow Than Lohan

11. Get Famous, Then Do The Overdose Thing

12. Non Celebrity Rehab / Stiffed

13. Sloucho & The Young Pheezy (Skit Featuring Jason Blades )

14. Andrew Nice Clay

15. Even My Idols Hate Me (Featuring Andrew Dice Clay)

16. Mail Order Bride

17. Sloucho Meets The Hulk (Skit Featuring Jason Blades )

18. No Personalitie

19. Pu**y For The Troops

20. Dixson Cox Show (Skit By Tim Nubomb)

21. Rece$$ion Proof (Freestyle)

22. Protect The Children (Featuring Brian Holtzman)

23. L.A. Dating (Re- Revisited)

24. JJ Star Is JJ Star (Sammy Serious)


1. How Embarrassing (Laugh Or Die)

2. Never Gonna Be A Star (Demo)

Deluxe Version:

1. More Embarrassing Moments

2. Started Out On TV

3. Star's P.A.I.N (Parody)

4. Finessing Nostalgia Again (Live From Luna Park 1998)

5. Live From Rehab

6. Lindsey's Vomit Bucket (Skit Featuring Jason Blades)

7. Haters

8. Runaway (Nubomb)

9. More With Dixson Cox (Skit By Tim Nubomb)

10. Go Hard (Freestyle) (Nubomb)

11. Thank You Very Much Carlos Mencia (Featuring Carlos Mencia)

12. Rock Stars

13. Pull A Sinatra

14. Duran's P.A.I.N (Live)

15. The National Lampoon Interviews


1. Watching Me (Freestyle)

2. T.T. S.O.M.A.(Parody)

3. Embarrassing Bel•lig•er•ence


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