Dwarfs is a video game published by Tripwire Interactive for PC and Xbox 360, system requirements and release date to be announced later. The game is providing endless hours of addictive entertainment. The aim is simple enough – guide your Dwarfs to mine the caves around your home base, find the gold, minerals and treasure – and try and keep them out of trouble! Dwarfs just tend to keep digging, following only their lust for more gold. So they will dig into water and lava, threatening your home. If that wasn't enough, they keep finding all sorts of nasty little monsters that have to be dealt with too. The player can build walls, dynamite holes in the floor, or turn earth to stone in an effort to prevent disaster. But in the end, success or failure will depend on the player's skill at directing his ever-growing army of dwarfs! And if the basic modes aren't enough, there is a complete sandbox, where you can create your own challenges – and a "Defend the Town Hall" mode where clearing out waves of enemies becomes the biggest challenge.

Dwarfs, game, pc, screen, Tripwire Dwarfs game features:

Tutorial mode to give players a step-by-step guide

Campaign mode with awards and prizes to earn

Arcade mode for a wide range of challenges from a 15-minute timed game, to a game that will only end when you want it to, with an almost infinite size

Defend the Town Hall mode – instead of exploring and mining, you will need to defend the Town Hall from ever-increasing waves of enemies, using all the tricks you have learnt

Randomly-generated maps, to ensure replay value stays high

Full sandbox mode to create your own caves and challenges

Low system requirements

Steamworks features including achievements and leaderboards

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