Stacking is a puzzle videogame for Xbox 360, release date to be announced later. The game is being developed by Double Fine Productions.

In Stacking, a family of Russian stacking dolls has been separated by tough economic times. The youngest doll, Charlie Blackmore, begins a heroic effort to bring his family back together. But he's one size smaller than any other doll in the world. Game players will help Charlie, who is all too accustomed to being overlooked and dismissed – too small to be of any real consequence – discover that his size can be his greatest strength.

•Explore a world like no other: Embark on imaginative adventure set in the 1930's silent movie era and discover a rich, open world environment filled with Russian stacking dolls of all shapes and sizes. The first location and hub of the game is the hustling and bustling, Royal Train Station.

Stacking game for Xbox

•Meet interesting characters, each with a unique talent: Every stacking doll has a special talent/ability that can be useful in solving a challenge, or just fun to perform. Stack into another doll that is one size bigger to utilize their special talent. Only the special talent of the larger doll can be performed, not the doll on the inside. Un-stack to revert back to the smaller doll to use that doll's special talent.

•Solve challenges your way: To progress through the game and gain access to new areas, players have to problem solve their way through various challenges that include distracting a guard or get past a blocked entrance. Make conversation with nearby dolls to get helpful hints and clues. Use different combinations of special talents to find workarounds to advance through the game.

•Fun for everyone : Because challenges can be solved multiple ways, the game offers ample replayability and rewards for core players while still being accessible to casual players.

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