Picture Puzzle Collection is a puzzle video game for Nintendo DS. In Picture Puzzle Collection, players take on the role of a woman whose life ambition is to pursue a career in painting restoration. In a bid to develop her knowledge in the field, she sets off on a museum tour with the local painting restorer, setting the framework for a rich blend of beautiful paintings and classic puzzle gameplay, with an added insight into the art and science behind painting restoration. Featuring works of art by world renowned Dutch masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer, Picture Puzzle Collection uniquely gives players the opportunity to admire and learn about a host of masterpieces whilst learning interesting facts about the paintings and some of history's most popular Dutch artists.

Picture Puzzle Collection is the only game on the DS that brings together the best picture puzzle games in to one big compilation. Players will be kept engrossed as the title features 25 different game types - each painting has its own unique picture puzzle game - with a selection varying from jigsaw puzzle and hidden object, through to memory task and connect the dots. Players will have no pre-defined path to follow so they are free to choose how they advance and the subsequent games that are unlocked.

Picture Puzzle Collection game video

Picture Puzzle Collection game features:

Two game modes: story and contest mode

Varying degrees of difficulty

Additional unlockable content

Stunning graphics of the Dutch Masters' paintings

25 different game types


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