Doodle Find is a puzzle video game for Apple iPhone, set to be released on May 15, 2010. The game is developed and published by KlickTock.

The game takes the Hidden Object genre and makes it social. Players compete against their friends - and the world - via online leaderboards powered by Facebook Connect. Each game takes only 90 seconds, so it's perfect for a spot of procrastination between tasks, or for when you know your train is just two minutes away.

Doodle Find, iphone, game, screen, box, artDoodle Find game features:

•More DPM (Doodles per minute) than any other game
•Insatiable addiction within minutes
•Each game takes just 90 seconds to complete
•Seek out hundreds of colourful doodle objects
•Expand your mind with lightning fast picture and word associations
•Suitable for all ages
•Trophies are earned for top performance
•Online scoreboards via Facebook Connect


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