Here is the complete track list for the The Decemberists’ upcoming sixth studio albumThe King Is Dead”, set for release on January 18, 2011 via Capitol Records. The first single, "Down by the Water," includes Peter Buck and singer-songwriter Gillian Welch, who contribute 12-string guitar and vocal harmonies, respectively. It also features accordion riffs and heavy harmonica reminiscent of Neil Young; particularly the song "Heart of Gold". "Down by the Water" has been compared to the music of Bruce Springsteen. It was featured for free download on November 2, 2010 on their official website. Meloy has said that The King Is Dead is more straightforward and heavily influenced by R.E.M., and “Down By The Water” is a prime example. Meloy himself has said that the song "started out as more of a paean to R.E.M. than I think any of us really wanted it to be".

Complete tracklist

1. "Don't Carry It All"

2. "Calamity Song"

3. "Rise to Me"

The Decemberists, the King Is Dead, cd, audio, cover 4. "Rox in the Box"

5. "January Hymn"

6. "Down by the Water"

7. "All Arise!"

8. "June Hymn"

9. "This Is Why We Fight"

10. "Dear Avery"

Live The Decemberists "Down by the Water"

Live The Decemberists "Calamity Song"

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  1. Paul Says,

    I've heard Down By The Water in live gigs, and now on the album... I thought that was a quality song. Hearing June Hymn and Rise to Me on KEXP, Colin playing live in New York.. I thought they were good. I didn't think it could get any better... but damn... "This is Why We Fight" is soooooooooooo god damn good!!! Man. What a track. I now have it on repeat! Can't stop listening!!!!

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