A Moon For the Sky is a puzzle video game developed by Egg Ball and published by BulkyPix for Apple iPhone, release date to be announced later. In A Moon For The Sky you draw lines to affect objects on screen: in this case a moon that you're trying to flying up to the sky.

At the dawn each new millennium, Astrolunia sees its Moon die and the world is thrown out of balance. The goal of the game is to safely loft a new moon to take its place in the heavens. It may sound simple enough, but some of the puzzles can be a little devious, and others will take a number of retries, and you'll love every bit of it.

A Moon for the Sky is a pick up and go game, fun to play either when you have a few minutes to kill, or to take on the 18 level saga. The game has two qualities that make it very addictive to play: it's simple and it's aggravating. As you progress through the 18 fun levels you find more and more obstacles around which you have to maneuver through to secure the new moon into its orbit. Or, take on the Endless Mode to challenge and track the progress your friends or even the whole world on the leaderboards to see who is the best at raising the Moon up to the sky.

A Moon For the Sky game features

•Simple gameplay mechanics and easy and funny gameplay

•High quality graphics and unique physics

•18 fantastic levels and progressively difficult missions

•A zen and relaxing atmosphere mixed with sweet melodies

•Endless mode for relaxed gameplay to see how high you place the moon in the sky

•Many elements to unlock

•World ranking through


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