First look at upcoming thriller film “The Grind”, release date to be announced later. The film is written and directed by Rishi Opel and stars Jamie Foreman as Dave, Danny John-Jules as Phil, Zoe Tapper as Nancy, Gordon Alexander as Bobby, Freddie Connor as Vince, Kellie Shirley as Jo, Joseph Morgan as Paul, Barber Ali as Big Guy, Maria Papas as Mirrell, Duncan Clyde as Tony, Sheraiah Larcher as Bassy, Alex Avery as Detective Inspector Greaves and Joseph Kennedy as Barry.

The Grind movie synopsis: “The Grind” is a modern urban drama, set in world of sex, drug dealers, dance nightclubs and loan sharks. Vince (Freddie Connor) is the nightclub manager of The Grind in Hackney, East London and having fought his way to a decent living and respectable lifestyle he is determined to settle down and take life easier. Upon meeting and starting a relationship with Nancy (Zoe Tapper) Vince’s dream of running a casino for his Boss and getting married looks set.

Bobby (Gordon Alexander), Vince’s best friend from school, is released from prison and their friendship soon falls apart, Bobby’s addiction to cocaine and gambling spirals out of control and he now owes a huge amount of money to Vince’s boss, Dave (Jamie Foreman); owner of The Grind and an East End loan shark. Vince's life takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Loyalties are tested and friendships are pushed to their limits.

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