Shining Legend is an action RPG video game for Nintendo DS, release date to be announced later. The game is currently in development by Blueside. The game tells the tale of a tiny kingdom named Alterrain. Forced by the mighty nation Forceles, the prince of Alterrain, Luchs, was exiled to "The Land of Sand" when he was only fourteen.

Five years have passed, and Luchs has returned ... but in his absence, his kingdom has fallen into great debt. The king (Luch's father) disappeared and left nothing but burden on his son to pay off. Hope seemed lost for Luchs, but suddenly a call goes out for a hero -- the princesses of a neighboring country have all broken out of their palace, and there is an enormous reward (and perhaps a promise of romance) for whoever rescues them. At that same time, a talking cat name Morgan has come to Luchs' side to convince him that he has great potential, if he only would believe in himself. And so, sword in hand, Luchs sets forth into the world to prove that he can be that hero!

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