Pure Country 2 The Gift is a musical drama film, set for release on October 15, 2010. The film is directed and the screenplay is written by Christopher Cain and stars Katrina Elam, Dean Cain, Krisinda Cain, David Chattam, Ryan Cheng, Jeremy Childs, Asia Craft, Kaitlyn Dorff, Julie Faires, Travis Fimmel, William Katt, Wendy Keeling, Leo Kling, Heidi Brook Myers, Melissa Nyenhuis, George Strait and J.D. Parker.

Movie synopsis: Pure Country 2: The Gift is about country singer Bobbie Thomas (Katrina Elam) who is blessed with a beautiful voice, but along with the voice come certain responsibilities. As Bobbie's star rises, she meets a handsome, compassionate cowboy (Travis Fimmel), her long-lost father (J.D. Parker) and the country star who becomes her mentor (George Strait).

Pure Country 2 The Gift movie trailer

Pure Country 2 The Gift, movie, poster


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