Here is the complete song track list for James LaBrie’s second solo album Static Impulse”, which was released on September 28, 2010 via InsideOut Records. The band released two songs from the album titled "One More Time" and "I Need You" in August 2010. Both of the songs were based on the Swedish death metal sound.

Complete track listing:

1. "One More Time"

2. "Jekyll or Hyde"

3. "Mislead"

4. "Euphoric"

5. "Over the Edge"

James LaBrie, Static Impulse, cd, audio, box, art 6. "I Need You"

7. "Who You Think I Am"

8. "I Tried"

9. "Just Watch Me"

10. "This is War"

11. "Superstar"

12. "Coming Home"

13. "Jekyll or Hyde (Demo)"

14. "Coming Home (Alternate Mix)"

Audio - James LaBrie "One More Time"

Audio - James LaBrie "I Need You"

Audio - James LaBrie "Mislead"

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