Here is the complete track listing for American alternative rock band Guster's sixth studio album Easy Wonderful”, set for release on October 5, 2010 via Aware Records/Universal Republic Records. "Do You Love Me” is the fist single from the album was released on iTunes and through the band's website in August 2010. A video for the song "Stay With Me Jesus" was also posted to Vimeo, produced by Kathleen Judge, Susan Hall, and Jason Creps of One Degree Off.

Complete tracklisting

Standard edition:

1. "Architects & Engineers"

2. "Do You Love Me"

3. "On the Ocean"

4. "This Could All Be Yours"

5. "Stay with Me Jesus"

6. "Bad Bad World"

7. "This Is How It Feels to Have a Broken Heart"

Guster, Easy Wonderful, cd, new, box, art 8. "What You Call Love"

9. "That's No Way to Get to Heaven"

10. "Jesus and Mary"

11. "Hercules"

12. "Do What You Want"

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

13. "Well"

14. "Jonah"

15. "Lost at Sea"

16. "OK Alright (iTunes-exclusive track)

Live - Guster "Do You Love Me"

Live - Guster "This Could All Be Yours"

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