Here is the complete track listing for Nadine Coyle’s debut solo albumInsatiable”, set for release on November 08, 2010 via Black Pen Records. The album will be sold exclusively in Tesco stores, and also be available for digital download on iTunes. The album's title track "Insatiable" will serve as the lead single when it is released on November 01, 2010.

Complete tracklisting:

1. "Runnin'"

2. "Put Your Hands Up"

3. "Chained"

4. "Insatiable"

Nadine Coyle, Insatiable, new, album, cd, audio, box, art 5. "Red Light"

6. "Sexy Love Affair"

7. "Lullaby"

8. "You Are The One"

9. "Natural"

10. "Raw"

11. "Rumours"

12. "Unbroken"

13. "Make a Man"

Audio - Nadine Coyle "Insatiable"

For more Information, please visit Nadine Coyle's official website:


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