Here is the complete track listing for the rock band Kings of Leon’s fifth studio albumCome Around Sundown”, follow-up to the “Only By The Night". Come Around Sundown is set for release in the UK on October 18, 2010 and in the US on October 19, 2010 via RCA records.

Complete tracklisting:

1. "The End"

2. "Radioactive"

3. "Pyro"

4. "Mary"

5. "The Face"

6. "The Immortals"

7. "Back Down South"

Kings of Leon, Come Around Sundown, cd, audio, album, new, box, art8. "Beach Side"

9. "No Money"

10. "Pony Up"

11. "Birthday"

12. "Mi Amigo"

13. "Pickup Truck"

Live - Kings of Leon "Radioactive"

Live - Kings of Leon " Mary"

Kings Of Leon talk about "Radioactive"

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