Clear Blue Tuesday is a musical film directed by Elizabeth Lucas and stars Becca Ayers as Rose Burns, Julie Danao as Reena Santiago Isaacs, Vedant Gokhale as Jain Mahajan, Robi Hager as Ricardo Santiago, Erin Hill as Etta Cummins, Cassandra Kubinski as Samantha Putnam, Brother Love as Syd Black, Greg Naughton as Jack King, Jan O'Dell as Caroline King, Jeremy Schonfeld as Daniel Isaacs and Asa Somers as Kyle Cassimer.

Movie synopsis: In the course of seven incredible Tuesdays over seven tumultuous years, eleven New Yorkers are transformed by love, desire, art, ambition, fury, grief, faith, fear, hope and, ultimately, connection with each other in the rousing indie rock musical drama, CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY. Up-and-coming director Elizabeth Lucas and a cast of actor-singer-songwriters drawn from the worlds of the rock scene, comedy clubs and Broadway stage have created a wholly unique musical motion picture experience about the persistence of love and the resilient heart of a city in the face of catastrophe. Bursting with pop melodies, sly humor and stirring emotions, CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY is a fresh, impassioned testament to everyday transcendence.

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Clear Blue Tuesday, movie, poster Movie Soundtrack

1. "Prologue" by Erin Hill

2. "Brand New Sky"by Becca Ayers

3. "Help Me Help You"by Asa Somers

4. "Spiraling Down" by Vedant Gokhale

5. "The Fuck-up Song" by Jeremy Schonfeld

6. "Thank You Syd" by Cassandra Kubinski

7. "The Day the Sky Fell" by Jan O'Dell

8. "Spank It" by Brother Love

9. "Beginning of an Ending" by Robert Hager & Becca Ayers

10. "Reckless" by Erin Hill

11. "Help Me Help You (reprise)" by Asa Somers

12. "We'll Move the World" by Julie Danao-Salkin

13. "Nothing to Prove" by Vedant Gokhale & Cassandra Kubinski

14. "The Ritual" Performed by Cast

15. "Lookout, Science" by Erin Hill

16. "Here I Am" by Greg Naughton

17. "Move High" by Brother Love

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