Sword of the Stars 2 is a strategy video game for PC, system requirements and release date to be announced later. The game is currently under development at Kerberos Productions and will publish by Paradox Interactive.

In the sequel to the critically hailed 4X space epic Sword of the Stars, gamers become reaquianted with the original six races from Swords of the Stars I and its expansions as as they discover the dark secret of the original series, the Suul'ka – an ancient race that is responsible for tampering with the Liir, Zuul, and other races in the SotS universe! Sword of the Stars II offers a major step forward in the approach to 4X gameplay, taking the easy-to-learn-hard-to-master philosophy set out in the first game and following that path to a new standard in space strategy games.

Sword of the Stars 2 game video

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