MyDinos Go! is an adventure video game for Apple iPhone, developed and published by Oceanside Interactive.

In the game, where creatures known as "Dynamals" run wild! Capture and train Dynamals to battle with you in an epic journey across time and space. Recruit your friends to help battle the evil Vermin Alliance and an unknown menace from the far future. Ranger McTooth and other friendly characters will help you in your quest, but it's up to you to become the greatest DinoScout Ranger... and maybe even save the entire planet from certain doom!

MyDinos Go! game features:

Travel through time to collect and evolve over FOUR HUNDRED totally unique Dynamals!

Play online against other trainers - compare teams and stats.

Add friends to your Tribe with friend codes, or BATTLE!

MyDinos Go, game, iphone, screen, image Rank up various quests and missions to find secret Dynamal skills, items, bosses, and stories.

Every Dynamal is based on actual extinct or endangered animals; each Dynamal comes with a ton of info on each animal including a description, Latin name, name meaning, diet, and time period. Dynamals start as adorable babies and can evolve up to seven times!

Free updates - new quests, items, Dynamals, and more.

Huge storyline full of crazy characters from different time periods - cavemen, pirates, wizards, ninjas, and more.

Hundreds of equipment items to purchase and discover... some strange, some wacky, and some incredibly powerful.

Purchase Diamonds in-game to build your team, access rare quests, find unique Dynamals and give your team the winning edge.

Intuitive yet deep battle system! Choose team leaders and equip your Tribe with the best gear to achieve victory.

MyDinos Go! is available for free in the App Store:


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