Must Love Death is a horror / comedy film written and directed by Andreas Schaap, and stars Sami Loris as Norman, Manon Kahle as Jennifer, Jeff Burrell as Sean, Peter Farkas as Gary, Philipp Rafferty as Foxx C. Bigelow, Lucie Pohl as Liza, Katjana Gerz as Heather and Tobias Schenke as Thorsten.

Movie synopsis: after having his heartbroken one too many times, Norman loses hope in finding love and begins to spiral into a serious depression in which his only way out is to kill himself.

He soon meets a group of like-minded individuals and sets up a meeting with them in which they will all die together. When the day comes to take his own life, Norman finds that the group isn't suicidal, but instead they are serial killers with plans to torture and execute him on tape as part of a game show.

The killers warped minds make a game out of killing each person and they seem to be getting away with murder until the tables are turned.

As the bizarre game show continues on and Norman sees how crazy everyone around him is, he begins to appreciate his life on a whole new level and will do anything to survive and love again.

This dark comedy features bumbling psychopaths, bloody murders and a sick plot that brings the genre to new, twisted heights. A film you have to see to believe.

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