Here is the full track listing (set list) for the rapper Juvenile’s ninth studio album Beast Mode, due out today July 06, 2010 on UTP/E1 Music and features the street single, "Drop That Azz." The new album ‘Beast Mode’ is the rapper's follow up to his album ‘Cocky & Confident’, which was released in 2009.


1. "Go Hard or Go Home"2:36

2. "Drop That Azz" 3:42

3. "Bitch Instructions" 3:17

Juvenile, Beast Mode, album, cd 4. "La La La La La" 3:20

5. "I'm da Man" 3:30

6. "Nothing Like Me" (feat. Verse Simmons & Juvy Jr.) 4:35

7. "No Team" 3:24

8. "Drinks on Me" (feat. Cape) 4:04

9. "Pussy Kat" 3:13

10. "Where They Do That At" 3:35

11. "Lights, Camera, Action" 3:12

Audio - Juvenile "Drop Dat Azz"

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