Helsing's Fire is a puzzle video game for Apple iPhone, developed and published by Chillingo. In the game, with intuitive touchscreen controls, use your torch and limited supply of powerful tonics to pierce the shadows and destroy Dracula's monsters. Torch placement is critical, and different tonics affect each creature differently. Be careful not to hurt the innocent!

Helsing's Fire game features:

Fresh Mechanics - Completely new gameplay mechanic with natural touch controls. Concepts are introduced gradually and combined to increase the challenge.

Helsing's Fire gameplay video

Helsing's Fire, Puzzle, video, game, iphone, apple Carry-on Gameplay -Quick and rewarding puzzles make it hard to stop playing.

Lots of Levels and Monsters - 3 worlds and 13 monster types make up 30 levels per world. With randomly-generated puzzles. Replay the entire game for a new experience every time.

Engaging Story - Featuring our fearless heroes on their noble quest to destroy Dracula. Survival Mode - How long can you hold out against the encroaching horde.


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