The Grinder is a third person shooter video game for Wii, PS3, Xbox & PC, system requirements and release date to be announced later. The game is currently in development at High Voltage Software.

In the game, players control one of four characters, each with their own unique attributes which can be upgraded as the game progresses. Players will have to use different techniques to defeat certain foes, and will have access to a large number of weapons, some of which can be dual wielded. The game will also offer players complete customization of its controls, and is stated to support Wii MotionPlus.

The Grinder game video

The Grinder, pc, game, box, art An online multiplayer mode will be included in The Grinder, which will make use of the Wii Speak peripheral. Each level can be played online cooperatively, with support of up to four players simultaneously, and will have multiple routes.


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