Trailer, poster and synopsis for the upcoming animation movie The Conference of the Animals (Die Konferenz der Tiere), set for release in Germany on October 7, 2010. Die Konferenz der Tiere is an animated film, directed by Reinhard Klooss / Holger Tappe and the screenplay is written by Oliver Huzly / Reinhard Klooss, and the voice cast by Christoph Maria Herbst as Hahn Charles, Thomas Fritsch as Löwe Sokrates, Bastian Pastewka as Elefantenkuh Angie, Oliver Kalkofe as Hoteldirektor Smith and Ralf Schmitz as Erdmännchen Billy (voice).

Movie synopsis: The animals in the African savanna surprise: Where does the water remain? Long ago it would have had to come by a gulch from the distant mountains. The thirst also becomes bigger and bigger, the worry, particularly as the last small water hole is defended by fierce buffaloes and rhinoceroses. The courageous earth little man Billy and the peaceful lion Sokrat set out to search the water. Besides, they hit on the Gallic cock Charles who has led a polar bear, a Känguru, a Tasmanian devil and two Galapagos tortoises to Africa. They had to flee from her destroyed home regions to Africa and hope in the Okavango delta for a better life. However, unfortunately, the people have also not spared this last paradise: The hotel keeper Smith left an immense dam and wastes all water for a five-star hotel. Here just the politicians hold a conference for the protection of the environment. The animals answer this challenge with her own conference: The wise female elephant Angie appeals to everything what run, fly, trample or can creep to defend itself. This is the prelude to a tumultuous offensive more fully of animal tricks.

Die Konferenz der Tiere movie trailer

It inspires by Erich Kästner Literaturklassiker „The conference of the animals“ (1949) the producers and directors of URMEL from THE ICE and URMEL FULLY DURING JOURNEY Reinhard Klooss and Holger Tappe show a rapid film fun with the most modern animation technology in 3D and an extremely topical subject. In charming realistic sceneries operate the charming CGI heroes whom stars like Ralf Schmitz, Thomas Fritsch, Christoph Maria lend her voices autumn, Bastian Pastewka and Oliver Kalkofe. Xavier Naidoo sings the title song written by him „game before fury“, the soundtrack comes from David Newman (intercity express AGE).

Die Konferenz der Tiere, movie, poster


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