Crystal Defenders is a RPG video game developed and published by Square Enix for Apple iPad, now available for download via App Store for $7.99.

Crystal Defenders is simple and easy to learn-monsters will enter an area and march through it until they are defeated or reach an exit, at which time they will steal one or more crystals. It is up to the player to decide by pausing the action at crucial moments when and where to deploy various jobs such as Black Mages or Soldiers that will attempt to defend the party's crystals. Factors such as map terrain, monster strengths and weaknesses, job attributes, and more will play a crucial role in determining what steps a player should take.

In a land ruled by might and magic, peace is ensured by the benevolent power of the crystals. When a young moogle charged with guarding these crystals learns of an evil presence gathering on the horizon, he calls upon heroes from the far corners of the realm to join forces and stand against this new threat.

Wielders of blade and bow, keepers of arts arcane, unite! As darkness draws nigh, only you can protect the light that binds us. The fate of Ivalice lies in the hands of...the Crystal Defenders!

Crystal Defenders game video

Crystal Defenders, apple, ipad Crystal Defenders game features:

Assess the battlefield and position your units effectively to stave off your foe!

Your enemy will march relentlessly across the map--defeat them before they reach your crystal supply to advance to the next challenge.

Intuitive touch panel controls and up-tempo play make Crystal Defenders easily accessible whether at home or on the go.

Balanced and addictive gameplay offers new challenges every time you play!

Customizable music selection: choose your favorite fanfare as you charge into battle!

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