Burning Tires 3D is a racing video game, now available for free on the App Store for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch with iAd integration. For those who want can also convert Burning Tires to an ad-free full version directly in the game for €0.79/U$0.99/£ 0.59.

The object of the game is to face down your opponent with huge off-roaders over desert, ice, and lava tracks on a dozen detailed courses. Seven fun racers with individual driving characteristics are available to players. The intuitive controls combined with a sophisticated 3D driving physics and enemy drivers breathing down your neck provide constant thrills and gaming fun. Action replay with dynamic cameras let players view their success after the race.

Burning Tires 3D game video

Burning Tires 3D, game, screen, iphone, apple
For more information, please visit: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/burning-tires-3d-lite/id301712873?mt=8


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