Archetype is a first person shooter video game for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, developed by Munkyfun and published by Villain.

In the game, players join the battle starting as a lowly cadet immersed in battle with team-based deathmatches and earn higher ranks to advance as they build a reputation, earn experience points, and win medals, including each match's MVP medal. Up to ten players can fight at one time —two to five players per team battling across five different levels. The game launches with six unique weapon types ranging from rapid-fire guns, devastating missile launchers, brutal melee axe and two distinct grenade types including a split-strike grenade that splits in two every time it bounces, dealing even wider damage. Players wreck havoc using the game's precise dual joystick-style controls, bringing the best aspects of console FPS to iPhone and iPod touch.

Archetype On iPhone Online Gameplay video

Archetype, game, iphone, apple, game, screen Further enhancing the robust set of FPS features and melee experience in Archetype will be the player rank-based team matchmaking, buddy lists, and radar-based enemy tracking. Archetype's portable iPwnage offers a console experience on the go, either over Wi-Fi, 3G, or even Edge. Furthermore, Archetype will be fully compatible with iPhone 4 Retina Display technology when it launches so players receive the best view of the action on any device.

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