Here is the full sound track listing (set list) for 36 Crazyfists’ fifth studio album Collisions and Castaways, set for release on July 26, 2010 via Roadrunner Records. The album features guest appearances from Twelve Tribes frontman Adam Jackson, Raithon Clay of Plans to Make Perfect, and Brandon Davis from Across The Sun. Production duties for the album were handled by the band's guitarist Steve Holt and will sport mixing from Andy Sneap.

The band is offering a special pre-order package, which includes your choice of an individual CD, a CD + exclusive pre-order shirt, or a CD + pre-order shirt and flag. All packages will include a signed booklet, only while supplies last.

Complete Tracklisting:

1. "In The Midnights" 5:34

2. "Whitewater" 3:21

36 Crazyfists, Collisions and Castaways, new, album, cd 3. "Mercy and Grace" 3:50

4. "Death Renames The Light" 3:34

5. "Anchors" (ft. Adam Jackson of Twelve Tribes & Raithon Clay of Plans To Make
Perfect) 5:40

6. "Long Road To The Late Nights" 1:46

7. "Trenches" 3:36

8. "Reviver" 3:42

9. "Caving In Spirals" 4:21

10. "The Deserter" (ft. Brandon Davis of Across The Sun) 4:22

11. "Waterhaul II" 5:04

Audio 36 Crazyfists - Reviver

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