Fortis is a shooter video game for Apple iPhone, set to be release in Q2, 2010. The game is developed and published by Encore Games.

In the game, player controls the agile plane equipped with the shield. Shoot through 36 levels divided into 3 stages, each one with different background. In each stage there are also 2 bonus levels. Levels are full of enemies who want to interrupt player's mission. They have different kind of weapons, strength and resistance and they can be consolidated into bigger ships! The player has 4 weapons to use: cannon, plasma, rocket and fireball. The cannon is the basic, but the weakest weapon and the only one having unlimited ammunition. The weapons differ so it's necessary to choose them as per the enemy's strength. Each weapon has snap to enemy option.

Fortis game video

Fortis, game, image, screen, iphone Fortis game features:

36 levels divided into 3 stages.

Bonus level after each stage.

Increasing difficulty through the game.

Stores best results.

Interface in 3 languages: English, French and Polish.

3 player profiles with independent save game for each.

4 different 3D backgrounds.

4 upgradeable weapons with limited ammunition.

Snap to enemy option.

Store with weapons and ammunitions.

2 thumb-sticks.

Diverse enemies.

Diverse pick ups (energy, shield, bombs, ammunition, weapon, points, money, extra life).

Realtime visual effects such as explosions, smoke, shots and lava.


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