Jenga is a board video game for Apple iPhone, set for release on December 09, 2010. The game is developed and published by Natural Motion. Jenga brings the much-loved game of physical andmental skill to iPhone with stunning physics and all the fun and accessibility of the game classic and best-selling stacking game.

Jenga for iPhone is packed with modes, providing hours of fun, including the original Classic mode (how high can you go?), in a conveniently portable digital platform. Jenga also features Jenga Arcade mode, in which players score points by matching colors, and earn coins to spend on special boosts. And because Jenga has always been about playing with friends, the Pass'n'Play mode lets players hand their device and tower to their neighbor and back - first player to make the tower fall loses!

Players can see how their friends are doing worldwide, by peeking at an in-game comparison of their current tower next to their best efforts. Jenga for iPhone features full real-time physics, attributable to NaturalMotion's experience in physics simulation, as well as two original environment.


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