The Fancy Pants Adventures is a platformer video game developed by Over The Top Games / EA 2D and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox 360, set for release in Q2 2011. Run fast, run fancy in the home console adventures of Fancy Pants Man. The Fancy Pants Adventures takes all the excitement from the original two games and delivers an all-new adventure designed exclusively for console! True to classic platform game play, Fancy Pants Man speeds through an entirely new world to rescue his kidnapped sister, Cutie Pants. Racing through unique open levels, Fancy Pants Man will explore vast lands, defeat challenging enemies and overcome clever obstacles on his quest to save his sister.

In this new adventure, Fancy Pants Man will wield new weapons, face new enemies and utilize new tricks and abilities as he glides through a variety of modes and challenges. The Fancy Pants Adventures is being developed by Over The Top Games in partnership with Borne and EA 2D, a dedicated team inside of EA focused on creating high-quality games within the direct-to-consumer market. Look out for the game on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PlayStation® Network in the Spring of 2011.

The Fancy Pants game video


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