Crasher is an online action RPG video game for PC system, set for release in Q1 2011. The game is developed and published by Punchers Impact.

The game featuring unique, vehicular combat in a team vs. team setting. With strong RPG elements coupled with fast-paced action, the game requires a combination of individual skill and collaborative team play. Players must use the best mix of strategy, vehicle arsenals and abilities to rule the maps and drive their team to victory. Along the way players will gain XP points based on their individual performance as well as their team’s overall performance. These points will go towards each player’s overall ladder rankings.

Crasher game features:

•The first MOBA ever to feature vehicular combat!

•Over 15 vehicles, each with its own style and features

•Six different vehicle classes to suit every style of play (close combat, ranged combat, support, etc.)

•Over 80 unique skills to be used alone or in combination with each other

•Up to 5 vs 5 players in League mode or Crasher Battle Arena mode

Crasher, game, pc, screen

•Cumulative experience (XP) awarded based on player actions and team achievements during the match

•In game ladder rankings

•Skill and weapon customizations unlocked as players level up

•A reactive combat system that blends strategy and action, arcade driving

•Utilizes the UNITY 3D Engine to create unparalleled physics, level design, and detailed graphic style in beautiful post apocalyptic environments

•Downloadable through STEAM and utilizes all STEAM community features


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