Aqua Panic is an action video game for Apple iPhone, developed and published by BulkyPix. Despite its overtly cute appearance, the game is deep and addicting. At times some of the puzzles can be simply brain bustingly challenging and as such are a blast to tackle. Each layout provides a unique series of challenges to players, and tackling the environment by deciding how to manipulate the flow and direction the fish to safety is a fun and satisfying experience. In the end you will find yourself quickly trying to best your own score as well as those of your friends on Game Center.

Aqua Panic game features:

•Up to 80 levels and 8000 wispy fish to rescue.

•HD graphics

•Five fun and colorful environments: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Inferno.

•Narcoleptic sharks, hungry seagulls, sliding penguins and other giant moray.

•More than 10 tools to master: bombs, plants, harpoons, fans, attractors, and various devices to freeze water, collect fish or create clouds .

•Game Center compatible.

Aqua Panic game video

Aqua Panic, iphone, game


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