Zombie Crisis 3D is a shooter video game developed and published by KongZhong for Apple iphone. In the game, a bio-accident has taken place at the Argo Company, turning its infected staff into bloodthirsty zombies. When the disaster is about to sweep through the States, a female mercenary soldier, Dana, receives an order to investigate the situation at Argo's lab. Will her investigation lead to a one-way street into those dangerous zombies? Or will she find something even more dangerous than the Zombie Virus?

Rather than utilizing a traditional joystick-based FPS, Zombie Crisis 3D is an innovative rail shooter that lets the player focus on the action rather than the challenges of movement & weapon control.

Zombie Crisis 3D game video

Zombie Crisis 3D features:

•21 maps, hundreds of zombies and 4 big bosses.

•3 weapons including pistol, shotgun, and machine gun.

•Beautiful 3D graphics, professional sound production, and a gripping storyline.

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