Yakuza: Of The End is an action video game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), release date to be announced later. The game is currently in development by SEGA.

In the game, a new threat appears in the streets of Asia's biggest red-light district – the living dead.Its streets overrun by zombies, Kamurocho is walled off by the Self Defense Force, turning thearea inside the walls into a hell on earth. The zombie infection spreads like wildfire, and the infectees prowl the streets in search of new prey.The landscape of Kamurocho is transformed, becoming a true city of the dead. Abandoned by the outside world, the few survivors inside the wall are beset by despair as they struggle to escape the quarantine area.But even now, in Kamurocho's darkest hour, four indomitable men stand strong.Shun Akiyama, a mysterious loan shark who will lend to anybody. Goro Majima, a one-eyed gangster known and feared as "Mad Dog." Ryuji Goda, a Ryu (dragon) of the Kansai district who recently awakened from a long sleep. And Kazuma Kiryu, former gangster and living legend. These four men set out into the streets of Kamurocho to protect what is dear to them.

Yakuza: Of The End incorporates the "Gunshot Battle" system that lets players of all types enjoy the thrill of battle like never before. Each of the game's four main characters faces off against zombie hordes and gigantic creatures wielding his own signature weapons: Shun Akiyama armed with two guns, Goro Majima with a monster shotgun, Ryuji Goda with his devastating right arm, and the most fearsome of all, Kazuma Kiryu.

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