Runes of Magic - Chapter 3: The Elder Kingdoms is a Persistent Online RPG video game for PC, release date to be announced later. The game is currently in development by Frogster Interactive. The history of the old kingdoms of Runes of Magic is told in Chapter III through many new quests. Level 55 and above adventurers will become familiar with a new skill system where they can select from a pool of special abilities. There is also plenty of opportunities to try out these new abilities, including conflicts with other guilds.

The Elder Kingdoms also expands on the existing opportunities which guilds have to equip their castles with new buildings. Rival guilds will also be able to lay their hands on siege weapons. Quests for whole player communities, Player vs. Player rankings and reward systems, as well as a new battlefield - the Tyrefen Mountains - bring additional depth to the PvP game. Three additional mini-games have also been built into the game.

Runes of Magic - Chapter 3: The Elder Kingdoms game video

Runes of Magic, Chapter 3, The Elder Kingdoms, screen


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